During late spring early summer queen wasps begin to build their nests. These begin as fairly small, grey coloured domes. They will usually be found in darker dry secluded areas such as in garden sheds, loftspaces and so on. Fairly quickly however the nest will grow in size as the eggs hatch and larvae matures. Nests can become very big if the conditions are favourable.

If nests are found where they are likely to cause problems for humans then they can be quickly dealt with by our technicians using bespoke professional equipment.

During late September early October, the queen will vacate the nest and seek somewhere to hibernate. At this time the remaining wasps find they have no function and become somewhat lost. 

Often described as being angry at this time of year. They are more likely to come into contact with humans as they search for sweet food near the end of their lives. All wasps with the exception of the queens will die off as the cold weather comes in.